Alaska Shield: Glacier Rescue Simulation

Alaska Shield: Glacier Rescue Simulation E-News Video

During the Alaska Shield operation, I represented KVAK at the Glacier Rescue Simulation and shot some video for  KVAK’s E-News to give our audience an inside look at the backcountry rescue drill.


Margaret In Jail

Margaret In Jail Video

The video of Margaret’s tour of the Valdez jail was produced for KVAK Radio in Valdez, Alaska. Special thanks to the VPD for their informative tour and Good News host Margaret Henry for being an excellent host and such a good sport.

Margaret Goes To Jail Promo


Margaret Goes To Jail Promo

This video was produced for KVAK Radio in Valdez Alaska. When officers from the Valdez Police Department offered to give KVAK’s own Margaret Henry a tour of the local jail, we couldn’t resist trying to play a prank on our listening audience.