Photography: Outdoor Lesson

I consider it a special treat when my job allows me to spend some time outside taking photos. (I mean really what more could I ask for!) So I was especially excited when I got to follow Rashi’s middle school students outdoors for a special engineering lesson. The students were tasked with building catapults from found materials. Each group then put their creations to the test firing ping pong balls across a marked course. The students did a great job with the challenge and I had a great day capturing the event on film.

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Video Sample: Rashi K-1 Hebrew Video

This video was created in 2016 for the Rashi school to showcase their K-1 Hebrew classes. I acted as both videographer and editor on the project and had a blast filming the students in class and interviewing their teacher Ari.

The Rashi School | Kindergarten and Grade 1 Hebrew from Ashley Ney-Vollmer on Vimeo.