Photography: Personalized Stock Photos

Want to know one of my favorite parts of working in communications departments? Creating a library of personalized stock photos for your organization! Why pay for generic images of strangers at work when you can have beautiful photos fo your team and location for use on your website, in emails to clients, and in advertising.

I can access the type of stock images your organization needs and take advantage of the opportunities as they present themselves to capture images that build up a media library that your company can draw from to create stunning, personalized media that connect with the clients and communities you serve.


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Photography: Outdoor Lesson

I consider it a special treat when my job allows me to spend some time outside taking photos. (I mean really what more could I ask for!) So I was especially excited when I got to follow Rashi’s middle school students outdoors for a special engineering lesson. The students were tasked with building catapults from found materials. Each group then put their creations to the test firing ping pong balls across a marked course. The students did a great job with the challenge and I had a great day capturing the event on film.

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